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Post anything (from anywhere!), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Create your own Tumblr blog today.

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Men's Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger Instagram & Twitter: @iamjamesbarley

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love you

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Horny Suit & Tie Fun!

suitandtieman.tumblr.com - suitandtieman.tumblr.com

18+ NSFW - Gay Suit, Shirt & Tie Fetishist. If you are offended by adult material of a homosexual nature, please leave now. But if you enjoy such things, please feel free to...

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Gentleman Style

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Gentleman Style

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Oodles of Doodles

polarspaz.tumblr.com - polarspaz.tumblr.com

Fanart by me, you can just call me Spaz. I'm a 25 year old loser who loves being a major dork. The stuff that's too smexy is tagged under NSFW.

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Hey guys it's Noran and I draw Check out the about page before asking! Commissions - closed Shop | Twitter | Art Tag

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Natasha, 22, NY. Lebanese. INFJ creative, hungry for growth IG theonlynatasha

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skippable.tumblr.com - skippable.tumblr.com

A blog about skipping the unnecessary parts of great series. Curated by @reverendanthony, blog name by @DonaldAShults.

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My New Plaid Pants

mynewplaidpants.tumblr.com - mynewplaidpants.tumblr.com

Nonsense Incarnate, Tumblrized                    VISIT OUR BLOG at               mynewplaidpants.com 

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SNICKERS® Satisfies.

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Masturbation Station

mysecretpervlife.tumblr.com - mysecretpervlife.tumblr.com

.....................The place to cum when you need to get off. .................  NSFW 18+ This site contains adult content. Please make sure it's legal for you to view it. I...

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bismuthspartnerincrime.tumblr.com - bismuthspartnerincrime.tumblr.com

Main Blog | About | Ask is off and IMs are limited to mutuals while I'm on vacation. If you have a message for me, Sorry!

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Ryanxxxedge / Joey Salads Snapchat- Dicks

ryanxxxegdessnapchat.tumblr.com - ryanxxxegdessnapchat.tumblr.com

NSFW. Mainly pictures of Joeysalads' penis. (Send Nudes)

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Black In History - Black History is American History

blackinhistory.tumblr.com - blackinhistory.tumblr.com

Curating the names of influential Black Americans, past & present, and giving them the recognition they deserve. Because Black History is American History.

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Badass Extraordinaire GeekRemixALot

geekremixalot.tumblr.com - geekremixalot.tumblr.com

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Dr Ferox, veterinarian

drferox.tumblr.com - drferox.tumblr.com

Welcome my little vetlings. I'm an Aussie veterinarian and Author who originally intended this blog as a bit of escapism, but veterinary medicine found a way to permeate every...

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