Welcome to MattePainting.Org

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Digital Matte Painting and Illustration resources

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Game development India, Kerala – Csharks Games and Solutions- Magic...

csharks.com - csharks.com

Professional game developers, Game developers, Edutainment titles, 3D games, 2D games, Online games, Games for Wii, Mobile Game Developers, J2ME game

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Aardvark Swift - Games Jobs

aswift.com - aswift.com

Games Jobs, Aardvark Swift is the top recruitment agency for jobs as programmer, artist, level designer and producer in the Video Games Industry

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You Got Red On You

worch.com - worch.com

Homepage of Matthias Worch, videogame designer. Find information on Matt's games such as Lair, Unreal 2 and Rebel Strike, download free levels, and watch Matt's NASCAR/IRL/NHRA...

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anicator.com - anicator.com

blog and portfolio of Christiaan Bakker

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Free textures and high resolution graphic design resources

texturex.com - texturex.com

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Dereau Benoît Portfolio - Architecture

benoitdereau.com - benoitdereau.com

Dereau Benoît - CG Generalist / Level Designer/ Environment Artist

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Wavelength | Your Game Editing Resource | Home

thewavelength.net - thewavelength.net

Wavelength - Your Game Editing Resource

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The Front Page of EpicMegaBoard.com - The Front Page

epicmegaboard.com - epicmegaboard.com

The Front Page of the Epic MegaBoard the community that's been around for pretty much everything over the last 15 years gaming is at the heart with design web art life music...

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CGForFree.com - Create Games For Free

cgforfree.com - cgforfree.com

CGForFree.com has a database of free resources for your non-commercial / commercial game development, and a web store where we offer great products at low prices!

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that hi-res wind waker texture mod thing

onthegreatsea.tumblr.com - onthegreatsea.tumblr.com

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Vinegaroon Moon

vinegaroonmoon.com - vinegaroonmoon.com

Dan Carver's home page for the mentally deficient

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Wall Worm Forums - Index

wallworm.net - wallworm.net

Wall Worm Forums - Index

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Puranjai Pratap | Video Game Designer

puranjaipratap.com - puranjaipratap.com

Puranjai Pratap is a Video Game / Level Designer based out of Pune, India. Currently he is pursuing an International Master's Degree through Supinfogame Rubika.

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Pascal Luban, Game Design Consultant | Creative Director

gamedesignstudio.com - gamedesignstudio.com

Home of Pascal Luban, 18+ years experience as game designer and game design consultant for studios like Ubisoft, Activision or Sony.

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Amos Dudley | Designer

amosdudley.com - amosdudley.com

amosdudley.com: Portfolio of Amos Dudley > 3D designer

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Lead 3D Artist & Art Director - Game 3D Artist

emreyaman.com - emreyaman.com

Game 3D Artist

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Sergio Aparicio - Game designer

sergioaparicioramirez.com - sergioaparicioramirez.com

Student of videogames design & development in ESNE, Madrid

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BosunBlues.com - Game Design

bosunblues.com - bosunblues.com

Portfolio Site

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