Heffter Research Institute

heffter.org - heffter.org

The Heffter Research Institute: Research at the Frontiers of the Mind

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Albert Hofmann Foundation

hofmann.org - hofmann.org

Home Page for the Albert HofmannFoundation

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Cactus & Succulent Plants & Seeds

cactusplaza.com - cactusplaza.com

Buy Cacti, Succulents and other Exotic Plants and Seeds Online. Healthy and Naturally Cultivated Cactus Plants like Lophophora williamsii and Trichocereus pachanoi.

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Ronin Books for Independent Minds

roninpub.com - roninpub.com

Psychedelia books. RONIN books are for independent minded adults. No one under 18 years old PLEASE!.

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*faircompanies - videos, information & tools on simple living,...

faircompanies.com - faircompanies.com

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Clear Light Books

clearlightbooks.com - clearlightbooks.com

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Visionary Mushrooms - The Ones That Stain Blue

stainblue.com - stainblue.com

psilocybe mushrooms

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Colemono | ¡Videojuegos!

colemono.com - colemono.com

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:: T R Y P T A M I N D . C O M ::

tryptamind.com - tryptamind.com

TryptaMind is a resource on the mind altering properties of the world's most exotic psychoactive and entheogenic plants.

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The Basement Shaman - Pure Plant Vision

basementshaman.com - basementshaman.com

Sacred plants, visionary tools and technologies for exploring extraordinary states of being. Live shamanic plants including San Pedro, Peruvian Torch and Kratom, entheogenic...

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Trout's Notes

troutsnotes.com - troutsnotes.com

Trout's Notes

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Home - Divine Cactus

divinecactus.com - divinecactus.com

Sell Lophophora Peyote plants & seeds. Williamsii, Caespitosa, Fricii, Jordanii, Diffusa. Grafting stocks: Trichocereus pachanoii, Pereskiopsis, Myrtillocactus. Aloe Vera...

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CANNABIS MAGAZINE, La Revista de los Profesionales y Amantes delCáñamo

cannabismagazine.es - cannabismagazine.es

Cannabis Magazine, la revista del cáñamo y las tecnologías alternativas. Todo sobre cannabis, marihuana y su cultivo

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LIBRERÍA MUSCARIA. La Librería más psicoactiva de la RED...

muscaria.com - muscaria.com

LIBRERÍA MUSCARIA: Especializada espiritualidad, enteógenos, chamanismo, plantas medicinales, psicología transpersonal, astrología, cultivo ecológico...

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Native American music, spiritual words of wisdom, and lessons from...

nativecircle.com - nativecircle.com

Native Circle is a place for all people to learn about and experience Native American music, culture, wisdom, history and contemporary issues, and discover holistic and...

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Singing to the Plants - Shamanism, sorcery, and plant medicine in...

singingtotheplants.com - singingtotheplants.com

Shamanism and animism in indigenous, traditional, and contemporary culture, and the role of such plant medicines as ayahuasca, huachuma, San Pedro, peyote,

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Documents for serious Psychonauts

psychonautdocs.com - psychonautdocs.com

Research papers and articles on the role of psychoactive substances in psychological and shamanic healing practices

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Cactus Conservation Institute Home

cactusconservation.org - cactusconservation.org

Species preservation through habitat protection.

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Explore Exotic Worlds with Sonic Safari Music

sonicsafarimusic.com - sonicsafarimusic.com

Your source for original and unique world music. Discover new music vistas of meditation, yoga, romance, and relaxation.

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DRCNet Online Library of Drug Policy

druglibrary.org - druglibrary.org

Online library of articles, reasearch papers, books, and essays on drugs, drug policy, prohibition, controlled substances, drug abuse, the drug war, marijuana, medical marijuna,...

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