I draw.

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Celestial Weiner Dog

mallowkitten.com - mallowkitten.com

Mabuhay! I'm Felice Gazo, A young digital artist who specialises in Anime & Manga-style and this is my personal blog! It is filled with my shiny-licious artworks and stuff about...

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Lin's Sins

linssins.tumblr.com - linssins.tumblr.com

Hi I'm Lin and this is my Undertale blog. Please read my FAQ before sending an ask! Despite the username, this blog is completely SFW. There may be some blood and bad times...

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nothing useful.

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redlhzz.tumblr.com - redlhzz.tumblr.com

  I DO NOT allow my works to be reposted to other site. Uploading them without my consent is prohibited, whether you give credit to me or not.  

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* appeared!

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classic tumblr memes

memearchives.tumblr.com - memearchives.tumblr.com

Using finely honed meme archaeology skills, I bring you some of my favorite old memes, SJ memes, and memes that keep coming back year after year, as well as trends that have...

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mudkipful.tumblr.com - mudkipful.tumblr.com

Hello, I'm Skipper and i like ladybugs. I draw tons. Gravity Falls | Undertale Have a Great Day, Everyone!

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toxicgummy.tumblr.com - toxicgummy.tumblr.com

21/they-he/genderfluid hey i'm gummy (or sam) and i do things i guess THIS BLOG IS NSFW i track the tag gummypeen commissions are OPEN MY TWITTER ;O

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? Luna ?

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A Wild Shipper Has Appeared!

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Undertale Science

undertale-science.tumblr.com - undertale-science.tumblr.com

Feel free to follow for Undertale science and lore! I post all about Undertale, so don't read unless you are done playing it! check my archive out for past theories!

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CrazyPlayer - HOME

crazy-player.com - crazy-player.com

In this website you can find the latest news and reviews about games.

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undertale.tumblr.com - undertale.tumblr.com

Official Undertale blog. Occasionally staffed by characters from the game. Public relations nightmare.

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sansybones.tumblr.com - sansybones.tumblr.com

what's undertale I wrote an Undertale fan comic about Sans and Gaster called Darker Yet Darker. (chrono), as well as its follow-up, The Second Son of Gaster. I also wrote some...

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Undertale Shimeji Directory

undertaleshimejis.tumblr.com - undertaleshimejis.tumblr.com

Disclaimer: None of these shimejis are made by me unless specified otherwise. I always try to credit the creators as best I can.

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Lazy Uncreative Title Here

nyublackneko.tumblr.com - nyublackneko.tumblr.com

"It's true that youth does not last forever, but you can always be immature." UTMob: http://nyublackneko.tumblr.com/post/138921378037/ut-mob-main-story-masterpost

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Crossposts from LJ

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bossmonsterbani.tumblr.com - bossmonsterbani.tumblr.com

Undertale Fan Artist (Spoiler Warning) I only post or reblog my art here... and LOVE of course. (^q^)~♥

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