What is all about www.clearwebstats.com?

When you visit a very well designed and well-ranked website what you think first? For us, we are searching about analytic of certain websites. For example, we think of; how much does this site worth? When was it first registered/how old is this website? How many daily visitors this does site receive? For an SEO geek; how many backlinks does this site have from search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing? Oh, What keyword does this site rank well on? And hundreds of many questions! Bearing in mind all of your questions, in 2010, we come up with an idea to have a free SEO tool, that gives users a useful insight of all freely available information about every website in one place. Yes, Clearwebstats.com is a free web stats service that lets you see your data like never before! One of the outstanding (at least we think) web analysis tools for free on the Internet today. Website valuation is an algorithm estimated value, that's why we always have declaimer on page: The website data like website value estimated income will never be perfectly accurate. Before investment please use further research and conformation.  Clearwebstats report is a collection of useful data such as Google Page Rank (PR - it is expired, but we still keep this data to see how SEO been in the past), Alexa Traffic Rank, Backlinks from various websites, web server location e.g. Where is certain site being hosted or located on, and their respective IP address. This data is gathered from various sources in real-time.

How do clearwebstats.com get all these data?

Well, We use an advanced algorithm to calculate this data. Of course, it will never be perfectly accurate, but at least you get a general idea.

What can I use ClearWebStats.com for?

Well, these are a lot of data you can have on a single page for a website, for example: you can use it for various purposes include doing research before buying or selling domain; want to find out how popular a website is; use it as an SEO analysis tool to improve your site performance, or just about curiosity of your competitor?

How to use clearwebstats?

ClearWebStats.com is a free tool and very easy use.

  • Simply Enter URL into the calculation box (input box/search box) e.g. www.google.com
  • Press Enter on the keyboard or click on the Lookup button.
  • If the website you would like to check is not in our database it will take up to 60 seconds to get all the data. 
  • If your desired website is in our database, you should have your website report in 10 seconds. 

You can bookmark the page for the next visit or simply copy the widget to your website to tell your users how popular your site is. 

How accurate is the Web Stats report?

ClearWebStats.com provides approximately website value calculation, daily pageviews and your website daily ads revenue. The calculation based on various available data. We accumulate many data, but reflecting one are; Alexa traffic rank, Google backlink, Yahoo backlink, Bing Backlinks, Moz domain authority and Google PageRank. Keep in mind, we wrote earlier, it is an estimated value and NOT the exact value, but isn't it nice to have an estimate of how much a website is worth based on daily pageview and ad revenue? On the other hand, the website server location, IP address, registered date (how old is a site is?) register and who is information if available. 

Stat data is too old, how to update it?

The database shows the last updated data, but you can always click to the 'Update' button on the report page and get the recently available data. Then you should have up-to-date information. As we rely on data from Google, Bing, Yahoo, Moz and Alexa and they don't update their data frequently, Taking into consideration all these factors, we think having a constantly available update button is just a server burden. So, the added update interval, which is every 4 hours. This means if you would like to check your site ranking, you can update your site every 4 hours.  The update button is located just below the website overview and rating area. It will be clickable only after the interval.

What are N/A and 0 data?

ClearWebStats is a free tool using publicly available data over the Internet. There could be many reasons behind the N/A or 0 data mean. First, you may be the first person to check the website or website is relatively new and the resources we rely on also lack the information. This is why we have decreased the data update interval in 4 hours. While others SE or backlink vendors update their data, you can simply click the update button and have the fresh and updated report.  The other reasons could be, if we exceed the FREE API limit from our resources, you get the N/A (not applicable result as well)

How to remove my website from clearwebstats.com?

If you want to remove your domain from clearwebstats.com, put the following code inside the robots.txt in your server root:

User-agent: ClearWebStats Disallow: /

Kindly follow the removal process here, More information on robots.txt is available here: http://www.robotstxt.org. If you have difficulties following the instructions, simply contact us and we will get you as soon as possible.

Tweet every time

Remember, whenever you add a new website into our database or update your existing website from our website, your site will automatically tweet to twitter. We have many followers on twitter and at the same time, many friends can visit your site through the twitter link. You can even follow us on twitter i.e. twitter.com/keshabraj

No result / blocked

If the website not adding to the clearwebstats.com database, then probably it's blocked because of owner requested or violates the advertising policies. 

Is ClearWebStats.com pointing to my website?

Prior to 2011, we used to have a 'visit site' button with a link on the report page, after having many requests from users and following the guideline from Google we discontinued the URL 'visit site' link at the stats report page. So, the short answer is NO. Currently, we use a subdomain alias format, please do not get confused with yourdomain.com.clearwebstats.com, it's a wildcard subdomain to clearwebstats nothing more. We follow the Google Webmaster tools guidelines. Interested in reading further? Kindly follow the link to read about our Privacy Policy.

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